If soy is so bad for men, should I not eat edamame

Go ahead and eat the sushi-bar appetizers. It’s true that soy has been shown in studies to lower sperm counts, but that’s mainly the soy found in processed forms, such as soy cheese, soy milk, and the unpronounceable variations listed on your favorite arteryclogging processed foods. This means that eating unprocessed forms of soy, such as edamame or tofu, is perfectly fine in moderation. That’s good news, because, according to Mark Messina, PhD, an adjunct associate professor at Loma Linda University, in California, an isoflavone in soy called genistein inhibits enzymes in the colon and prostate, raising the amount of vitamin D bioavailability in those tissues. “There is emerging research suggesting that vitamin D reduces cancer risk, and many people don’t get enough of the vitamin,” says Messina.